Utility Scale Battery Storage from 3MWh to 10MWh+

Just as the Tesla Powerwall dominates as the ultimate small-scale battery system for home & small commercial applications, the Tesla Megapack represents the pinnacle of large-scale energy storage solutions, designed to cater to the increasing demand for renewable energy sources. As businesses and utilities strive to enhance their energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints, Tesla Megapack emerges as a game-changer in the industry, offering unparalleled capacity, reliability, and innovation in large-scale energy storage.

Overview of Tesla Megapack

Cutting-Edge Technology

Tesla Megapack is engineered with advanced technology to deliver high-capacity energy storage, capable of storing up to 3 MWh of electricity. Its modular design allows for scalability, ensuring that it can meet the diverse needs of various industries, from commercial enterprises to utility-scale projects. The integration of Tesla’s proprietary software, Autobidder, enables intelligent energy management, optimizing the storage and dispatch of electricity based on real-time market signals and operational demands.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Embracing Large Scale Battery Storage signifies a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, into the grid, Megapack significantly reduces reliance on fossil fuels, thereby decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. This aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promotes a greener, more sustainable future.

Commercial Applications

Utility-Scale Energy Storage

Tesla Megapack excels in utility-scale applications, where it provides essential grid services, including peak shaving, load shifting, and renewable integration. By stabilizing the grid and enhancing its resilience, Megapack plays a critical role in supporting the transition to a more sustainable and reliable energy infrastructure.

Commercial and Industrial Solutions

For commercial and industrial entities, Tesla Megapack offers a robust Commercial Battery Storage solution to manage energy costs, ensure uninterrupted power supply, and achieve sustainability goals. It enables businesses to store excess energy generated during low-demand periods and utilize it during peak hours, leading to significant cost savings and improved energy efficiency.

Why Choose Tesla Megapack?

Expertise and Reliability

Tesla’s expertise in battery technology and energy management is reflected in the superior performance and reliability of the Megapack. With a track record of innovation and excellence, Tesla ensures that each Megapack delivers optimal functionality and longevity, backed by comprehensive support and maintenance services.

Financial and Operational Benefits

Investing in Tesla Megapack yields substantial financial and operational advantages. By optimizing energy usage and reducing dependence on grid-supplied power, businesses and utilities can achieve considerable cost reductions. Additionally, the Megapack’s ability to participate in energy markets through demand response and ancillary services presents new revenue opportunities.

Partner with Lumenaus for Large Scale Battery Systems

As a seasoned provider of Commercial Solar Systems, we specialize in the design, engineering, and installation of large scale battery systems. Our team of expert Engineers ensure seamless integration of Megapack into your energy infrastructure, delivering exceptional workmanship, compliance, and customer service that exceed industry standards and expectations.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to quality project delivery is evident in our meticulous approach to large scale battery installations. We offer comprehensive services, encompassing design, engineering, installation, and after-sales support, to provide our clients with a turnkey solution that maximizes their investment in sustainable energy. 

Peak Shaving

Discharge at times of peak demand to reduce expensive demand charges.

Emergency Backup

Powers a facility when the grid goes down.

Demand Response

Discharge or charge in response to signals from a demand response administrator.

Load Shifting

Shift energy consumption from one point in time to another.

Ancillary Services

Provide service to the grid in response to signals sent by the grid operator.

Solar Self-Consumption

Charge from solar when possible to increase renewable consumption.


Generate, store, and manage energy with or without a connection to the grid.


Available in 2-hour and 4-hour discharge configurations.
Minimum battery AC power and energy specifications are listed below.

Table Header Table Header Table Header
AC Power /
Energy per
1284.8 kW / 2569.6 kWh
2-Hour CMA Only
1445.4 kW / 2890.8 kWh
767.6 kW / 3070.4 kWh

Inverter Power per
Megapack (at 480 V AC)

Round-Trip System

2-Hour Maximum
1680 kVA
2-Hour Standard
1600 | 1500 | 1400 kVA
4-Hour Maximum
997.5 kVA
4-Hour Standard
900 | 800 kVA

Ready to Start Investing in Commercial Battery Storage


Battery Outdoor Cabinet / AC Outdoor Cabinet


  • Support the parallel use of multiple systems, covering wide power range from 50 kW to 1 MW
  • 2-5 hours for a variety of configuration options


  • Cloud technology enables remote maintenance and monitoring

  • Built-in EMS (optional), multiple operation mode selection increasing revenue


  • Overall transportation, simple on-site installation

  • C5 anti-corrosion grade to meet of f-shore scenarios


  • 100% DOD, 15 years performance life under standard conditions
  • Efficient thermal management design, hierarchical linkage protection to ensure system safety