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The Lumenaus Commercial Difference

Renowned in the Commercial Solar sector, Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems has established itself as a leading entity, boasting a decade of experience in executing premium solar initiatives across Melbourne and beyond.

Our esteemed clientele encompasses a diverse range of sectors, including Healthcare, Engineering, Aged Care Facilities, Construction Companies, Agriculture, and Manufacturing industries.

Our commercial partners anticipate not only the delivery of superior projects but also outstanding customer service and a secure investment return over the long haul, assured by the use of dependable products and superior craftsmanship.

At Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems, we take immense satisfaction in surpassing our clients’ expectations. Our extensive collection of accolades from numerous commercial clients serves as evidence of our dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and value.

In addition to our commercial services, Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems extends its expertise to residential solar and battery solutions, ensuring exceptional care, quality system choices, and maximum value through our exclusive Solar and Battery Price options.

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Solar and Battery Price

Solar and Battery Price

At Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems, we know all too well how daunting the process of selecting a solar provider can be in a market as saturated as our industry has become.

Given the multitude of Solar and Battery Price options, varying levels of expertise, quality standards and service offerings available to you – we are pleased to have made it to your shortlist.

In our vast experience over the years, we have identified 5 key Solar and Battery Price points in the residential market.

These are largely related to product Quality & Specifications, which dictate how long your system will last and the level of Warranty support you will receive from the manufacturers should hardware fail at any given time within the Warranty period. 

There are many hidden factors which affect your Solar and Battery Price. 

Solar and Battery Systems

It is also worth investing a bit extra by going with a commercial-grade installation service like Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems to ensure your system is designed right and installed to above industry standards within the home market.

With this in mind, we will provide you with our recommended system packages in terms of hardware selection, whilst adhering to our High-Quality Workmanship and Project Delivery standards which sets Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems apart from the majority of mainstream, high-volume operators.

Too often we see Solar and Battery Price quotations in the market which target price-driven decisions, but offer little transparency or insight into many key factors relating to the longevity of your system, total solar electricity yields and ultimately your valued long-term return on investment.

Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems will provide you with a transparent overview of advantages and disadvantages within each Solar and Battery Price option so you can be better prepared when comparing our offerings to your other proposals, and we will include detailed financial cashflows so you can clearly see your expected return on investment.

Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems aims to offer you the best possible hardware & service for your given budget, and ultimately provide you with our best value Solar and Battery Price proposition.

Solar and Battery Systems

Tesla Powerwall AC Coupled Battery

The advantage of choosing an AC Coupled Solar with Battery Storage System lies in the fact that you can easily retro-fit or add an AC Coupled Battery to any existing Solar PV Panel System, without the need to replace or upgrade existing hardware.

One other exception lies in cases where clients wish to install Micro-Inverters, whereby the solar DC power is inverted to AC behind each solar panel.

If you choose to install Micro-Inverters then you only have the option of adding an AC Coupled Battery such as the Tesla Powerwall AC, which Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems highly recommends. 

Quality vs Premium Solar Panels

The landscape of residential solar and battery systems in Australia presents a wide spectrum of Solar and Battery Price, which directly correlates to the disparities in product quality, craftsmanship, and the system’s overall longevity. 

One of the most significant factors influencing Solar and Battery Price is the selection of solar panels and inverters. The price difference for these components can be as substantial as $0.50 per watt, translating to an excess of $3,000 on a 6.66kW system.

Indeed, the choice of solar panels and inverter systems can account for over half of the total Solar and Battery Price. This underscores the importance of making an informed decision in this regard. Let me explain why this decision is so crucial;


Solar with Battery
Solar Cell Degradation

Working Life & Solar Cell Degradation

How Bad could it Be, and why do we care?

Many solar and battery systems on the market are designed with the primary goal of minimizing production and material costs, resulting in a significantly compromised lifespan that may not exceed 12 to 15 years. 

These lower-quality systems, even if they miraculously reached the 25-year mark, suffer from elevated annual cell degradation rates, up to 0.7%, leading to a mere 80% efficiency at best by that time.

Annual Cell Degradation is something to be aware of when weighing up your Solar and Battery Price options.

In stark contrast, high-quality solar and battery systems, exemplified by the Sunpower Maxeon, maintain an impressive efficiency, delivering up to 92% yield in their 25th year and 85% by year 55. 

This exceptional performance is backed by Sunpower Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd with a groundbreaking 40-year warranty, setting a new standard for longevity and reliability in the solar industry.

Selecting premium solar panels will increase your Solar and Battery Price, however your long term return on investment will far out perform lower cost system options you may be presented with.

Solar Cell Degradation

Manufacturer’s Warranty & Investment Return Guarantee

Do you even have one?

It’s rare for manufacturers’ warranties on solar panels, including those within solar and battery systems, to cover the comprehensive costs involved in the replacement of a defective panel. 

The expenses for dismantling the faulty panel, returning it to the manufacturer, delivering a new panel to the customer, and the labour for installing the replacement often surpass the cost of the panel itself. 

This situation results in a warranty claim process that can be unexpectedly costly—even when successful.

In contrast, premium solar panels from brands like Sunpower & REC encompass all related replacement expenses, showcasing their confidence in product quality. 

This is a crucial issue to consider when reviewing your Solar and Battery Price options, ongoing maintenance and warranty costs on cheaper systems can soon overshadow any upfront savings you were promised


This comprehensive coverage is one of the key reasons Lumenaus has chosen to align with Sunpower, reflecting our commitment to offering solar and battery systems of the highest reliability and customer value.

Sunpower Maxeon Solar Panels

Sunpower Maxeon solar panels are renowned for their longevity, with an anticipated lifespan exceeding 40 years. Furthermore, their remarkably low annual cell degradation rate of 0.25% ensures that Sunpower confidently guarantees a yield of 88.3% by the 40th year. 

This exceptional performance is underscored by Sunpower’s unparalleled warranty, which comprehensively covers parts, labor, and system performance, setting a benchmark in the industry for solar panel warranties.

Sunpower Maxeon Solar Panels
Sunpower Maxeon Solar Panels

Enphase iQ Micro Inverters

Enphase iQ microinverters set the standard in the solar industry with their reliability and advanced technology. Offering a robust 25-year warranty that encompasses both parts and labor, Enphase demonstrates unwavering confidence in the durability and performance of their iQ microinverter series. 

This comprehensive warranty ensures that customers enjoy peace of mind, knowing their investment is protected over the long term. 

The Enphase iQ microinverters are designed to optimize the efficiency and productivity of solar and battery systems, providing an unmatched level of assurance and quality in solar power conversion.

Enphase iQ
Enphase iQ Micro Inverters

REC Alpha Pure R Solar Panels

REC Alpha Pure R solar panels exemplify the pinnacle of solar innovation and durability. With a generous 25-year warranty covering both parts and labor, REC underscores its commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction. 

These panels are distinguished not only by their robust warranty but also by an impressively low annual cell degradation rate of 0.25%, ensuring sustained performance over the decades. This combination of extended warranty and minimal degradation rate highlights REC’s confidence in the Alpha Pure R series, making these panels a premier choice for solar and battery systems seeking longevity and efficiency.

REC Alpha Pure R
REC Alpha Pure R Solar Panels

SolarEdge Inverter & Optimisers

The SolarEdge Optimized Solar Panel System excels in maximizing the energy output from each panel by virtually eradicating mismatch losses, thanks to its Module-Level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology.

Accompanied by both a desktop and mobile app, the SolarEdge system provides detailed insights into your commercial solar system’s performance. It offers granular data, including voltage, current, and power metrics at the module level. This configuration significantly enhances your cost-to-benefit ratio when compared to conventional string-designed systems

SolarEdge inverter and solar panel optimiser systems stand out in the solar energy sector for their innovative integration and reliability. Initially coming with a standard 10-year warranty, these systems offer the flexibility to upgrade to an extended 25-year warranty, reflecting SolarEdge’s assurance in their product’s longevity and performance. 


SolarEdge Optimisers
SolarEdge Inverter & Optimisers

Trina Vertex S+ Solar Panels

Trina Solar, a globally recognized leader since 1997, offers cutting-edge, high-efficiency Vertex series panels, positioning itself as a top choice for performance and value in the solar industry, rivalling premium brands in power and efficiency.

Trina Solar’s Vertex S+ series stands out with its innovative dual-glass design and offering 22% efficiency using advanced N-Type TOPCon cell technology. It’s the first in Trina’s lineup to provide a 25-year product and 30-year performance warranty, with an annual degradation of 0.4%, ensuring over 87% power output after 30 years. This series represents a significant leap in solar panel technology, combining affordability, reliability, and cutting-edge design.

Trina vertex
Trina Vertex S+ Solar Panels

Project Delivery, Installation Standards & Workmanship Warranties

More often than not, lower cost Solar and Battery Price options sacrifice quality project delivery at the expense of the end user.

In the realm of solar and battery solutions, the facets of project delivery, installation standards, and workmanship warranties constitute the backbone of a successful solar deployment. 

This trifecta not only encapsulates the quality and reliability of the solar and battery systems installed but also serves as a testament to the commitment of a service provider towards excellence. 

Project delivery encompasses the meticulous planning and execution of solar installations, ensuring that each phase of the project aligns with the client’s expectations and industry benchmarks. 

Installation standards, on the other hand, dictate the technical and safety protocols to be adhered to, guaranteeing the optimal performance and longevity of the solar and battery systems. 

Workmanship warranties further cement this commitment, offering clients assurance against potential defects and instilling confidence in the durability and efficiency of their solar investment. 

Together, these elements define the caliber of service and product a client can anticipate, distinguishing leaders in the solar and battery systems industry who prioritize quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction above all.

Solar and Battery Workmanship

Installation Standards

Don’t all CEC Accredited Installers have to work to the same standards?

Regrettably, the landscape of solar and battery systems installation is frequently marred by the deployment of installers who either fall short in experience, suffer from inadequate management, or simply do not possess the necessary skill or diligence to uphold a superior standard of workmanship. 

It’s not uncommon for Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems to receive inquiries from clients who have been disillusioned by the inferior quality and poorly executed residential solar and battery systems installed by other providers.

These clients are in search of a high-caliber expanded, or in some cases, replacement system capable of meeting their requirements where previous installations have not succeeded.

At Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems, our commitment to excellence is unwavering, with a focus on maintaining stringent workmanship standards, delivering solar and battery projects with precision, and achieving unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Buyer beware of lower cost Solar and Battery Price options.

Workmanship Warranty Standards

Is the industry standard of 5 Years sufficient?

It’s critical to recognize that defects related to craftsmanship, which could potentially compromise the integrity of solar and battery system configurations, often do not become apparent until several years into their operation. 

This delay in the emergence of issues is compounded by the utilization of inferior solar panels and inverters, which are frequently accompanied by more limited warranty periods. 

As a result, a significant number of systems—exceeding 600,000 to date—become “orphaned.” These systems are at a higher risk of failure and are not covered by sufficient warranty protections.

Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems commits to offering our Residential clients an unparalleled 20-Year Workmanship Warranty. This guarantee ensures that the quality of our installation work meets the highest commercial standards, empowering our customers to look forward to superior performance with confidence. 

10kw solar with battery price

Workmanship Warranties

Within the dynamic landscape of the solar industry, the standard warranty period for solar and battery systems has traditionally been set at a modest five years. This duration, while seemingly adequate at a glance, falls significantly short when measured against the expected lifespan of solar panels, which can extend well beyond 25 years. The disparity in the solar and battery price versus the warranty coverage highlights a critical need for adjustment to better match the durability and performance expectations of these systems.

A mere five-year warranty on workmanship does not provide sufficient assurance, given the long-term nature of solar investment and the potential for issues to emerge well beyond the warranty’s expiration. The mismatch between warranty length and the durable lifespan of solar panels leaves a gap in protection, exposing customers to potential risks and unforeseen costs associated with maintenance and repair of their solar and battery systems. This situation prompts a reassessment of the solar and battery price, urging providers to align the cost with the comprehensive coverage that customers rightfully expect.

Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems recognizes this discrepancy and has established a new benchmark in the industry by offering an unprecedented 20-year Workmanship Warranty on our solar and battery systems. This extended warranty period is not merely an offering; it is a testament to the confidence we have in the quality of our installations and the durability of the products we utilize. By addressing the solar and battery price alongside extending warranty coverage, Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems enhances customer confidence and satisfaction.

By quadrupling the industry-standard warranty duration, Lumenaus Solar and Battery Systems sets itself apart as the gold standard, ensuring that our clients enjoy peace of mind and reliability from their investment. This commitment reflects our dedication to excellence, trustworthiness, and the provision of solar solutions designed to exceed expectations and safeguard client interests over the long haul. In doing so, we also consider the impact of solar and battery price, committing to providing value that surpasses the initial cost.