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Commercial Solar Excellence

Lumenaus has established itself as a leading provider of high-quality Commercial Solar Systems, with a decade of experience delivering exceptional projects across Melbourne and Australia. 

Our expertise spans a diverse range of clients, including hospitals, engineering firms, retirement villages, commercial builders, primary producers, dairy farmers, and manufacturing businesses.

Our commitment to precision, exceptional service, and guaranteed long-term Return on Investment (ROI) sets us apart. We leverage reliable products and industry-leading warranties to ensure your Commercial Solar investment is secure, reflecting our dedication to exceeding client expectations.

When it comes to selecting a Commercial Solar Systems provider, Lumenaus stands out for our comprehensive approach to client satisfaction and project success. Our numerous commendations from Commercial Solar clients attest to our unwavering commitment to quality and service.

Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar

Your Customized Commercial Solar Proposal: We pride ourselves on offering a tailored Commercial Solar Proposal, detailing project scope, Solar Energy Modelling, and financial projections which include Asset Finance & Commercial Solar Rebate options to highlight your potential investment return. Our proposals underscore our commitment to transparency and collaboration, ensuring you have a clear picture of the benefits of your Commercial Solar Systems investment and our Ultimate Guide to Commercial Solar can help you navigate all which should be considered when implementing Solar for your Business.

Lumenaus is your trusted partner in Commercial Solar. Where Quality, Service, and Value drive our every project towards exceeding expectations.

Commercial Solar Systems

Levelized Cost of Energy

What is the True Cost of Commercial Solar Energy Generation?

Is your system a Golden Goose or a Dead Duck?

There are many cost factors which are used to calculate the true cost of Commercial Solar Power Systems in terms of the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) formula, but I’ll point out those which are dictated by your choice in solar module & inverter system.

All too often we see poorly designed, low cost Commercial Solar Power Systems which ultimately fail to deliver on the return promised, often lacking the proper modelling needed to forecast results accurately. 

The Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) is a quantification of your actual cost of the total solar electricity generated over the expected working life of Commercial Solar Power Systems.

Importantly, giving weight to overall solar electricity yield against cost of system ownership including the cost of maintenance, hardware replacement over time etc. 

Commercial Solar Systems
Commercial Solar Systems

In the quest for the ideal Commercial Solar Power Systems solution, businesses often inquire: “What is the Best Solar System for Commercial Use?” This inquiry underscores the need for a tailored approach that aligns with specific energy requirements, space constraints, and budget considerations.

Optimally designed Commercial Solar Power Systems balances efficiency, reliability, and affordability, offering businesses a sustainable path towards energy independence. 

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as SolarEdge Commercial Solar Inverters and Sunlock Racking Systems, coupled to strategic design, the best solar system for commercial use maximizes energy generation while minimizing long-term operational costs. 

Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Panels have emerged as a cornerstone of sustainable energy solutions, this major component of Commercial Solar Systems has the highest impact on the final project price.

The real cost of a Commercial Solar Panel System varies greatly within the Australian market and this is a direct reflection of the variation we see in product quality, workmanship and ultimately the longevity of the system.

The biggest difference in the cost of a Commercial Solar Panel System is well within your control, that being your choice of solar module & inverter system, which can vary in price by as much as $0.50 per watt.

That’s correct, as much as 50% or more of the cost of a Commercial Solar Panel System can be dependent on which solar module & inverter system you choose, so choose wisely. 

Commercial Solar Panels
Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Panels Working Life & Solar Cell Degradation

How Bad could it Be, and why do we care?

Beyond financial considerations, longevity is the key consideration for businesses eyeing solar investments. Businesses now seek assurances of long-term performance and minimal maintenance requirements from their solar investment. 

Some solar panels are so poorly designed, typically around lowest production & materials cost, that their working life expectancy can be as little as 12 – 15 years. 

Even if these low-quality modules did last a full 25 years, because of their higher annual cell degradation rates (as high as 0.7%) you can barely expect to achieve 80% yield by this time. 

Compare this to a quality Commercial Solar Panel System, such as the Sunpower Maxeon, which will yield as much as 92% in Year 25 and 88% in Year 40. Guaranteed for an eye-watering 40 Years, it’s easy to justify the higher upfront investment of a Premium Solar Panel System. 

How Long Do Commercial Solar Panels Last?
How Long Do Commercial Solar Panels Last?
Commercial Solar Panel Warranties

Commercial Solar Panel Manufacturer’s Warranty

Do you even have one?

Few manufacturers’ warranties on Solar Panels include most of the costs associated with replacing a faulty panel and this is an important factor in determining the real cost of Commercial Solar Systems.

In fact, the cost of removing the faulty panel, shipping of the suspected faulty panel back to the manufacturer, shipping of a new replacement panel to you and installation labour to install your new panel all far out-weigh even the cost of the new panel and make for a very expensive warranty claim – even if successful which is something to be aware of.

Premium solar panels such as Sunpower naturally cover all costs associated with replacing the faulty panel, this is truly a reflection of their confidence in their products.

The strength of their Warranty is one of the many reasons why Lumenaus has partnered with Sunpower. The higher upfront cost of Business Solar Panel Systems can in this case result in a lower total cost over the lifetime of the system. 

Sunpower Commercial Solar Panels

Sunpower Maxeon Technologies stands as a testament to innovation and reliability in the renewable energy landscape. Renowned for their superior module efficiency and durability, Sunpower offers businesses a premium solution for their energy needs.

With industry-leading performance and a track record of excellence, Sunpower Commercial Solar Panels exemplify the pinnacle of solar technology. Businesses can trust in the proven reliability and longevity of Sunpower modules to deliver consistent energy production and substantial savings over the lifetime of their solar system. 

Quality Solar Panels
Low Cost Solar Panels
Product Warranty
40 Years
30 Years
15 to 25 Years
12 to 15 Years
Annual Degradation
Year 25 Performance
Year 35 Performance
Anything is Possible
Wishful Thinking
Year 40 Performance
Anything is Possible
Wishful Thinking
Removal of Old Panel
Shipping of Old Panel
Shipping of New Panel
Installation of New Panel
Sunpower Maxeon

The Sunpower Maxeon Solar Panels are not only expected to last 40+ years, but their annual cell degradation is so low (0.25%) that Sunpower Guarantees an 88.3% yield by Year 40. 

This is also reflected in Sunpower’s Industry-leading 40 Year Warranty which covers Parts, Labour & Performance. Truly an exceptional Cost to benefit proposition for your Commercial Solar Power System.


Sunpower 40 Year Warranty
Sunpower Performance

Sunpower also manufactures a High-Quality mid-range Solar Panels which comes with a Comprehensive 30 Year Parts & Labour Warranty.

The Sunpower Performance Bifacial is the Lumenaus ‘go-to’ Quality Standard solar module offering customers who want the complete Package without the Premium Price Tag, whilst maintaining a superior Cost to benefit ratio in comparison with mass market Commercial Solar Panels.

Sunpower Performance Warranty
Solar Panel Power Tolerance

Commercial Solar Panel Power Tolerance

What’s the Difference?

Most Quality Commercial Solar Panels these days come with a Positive Power Tolerance. This means that the factory flash-test for each Commercial Solar Panel has achieved at least the datasheet nominated rating, however this can often be between 3-5% higher due to variations in the manufacturing process.

However, be aware that some lower cost modules may come with a negative power tolerance which will typically be reflected as -5%/+5% on the datasheet. 

In this case, any given panel in your system will perform at between 95% and 105% of the nominated power output. 

Why on Earth would this matter?

Well, this could translate to significant solar production yield losses, particularly if you have a string inverter.


Since Commercial Solar Panels run in a series of 20 or so per string, it only takes one panel in any given string performing at 95% of it’s rated output, to result in all panels in those strings being dragged down to 95%.

With this in mind, it is easy to understand some of the hidden costs which are often neglected, or not talked about.

Understanding Panel Power Tolerance allows businesses to assess the performance expectations and potential fluctuations in energy output.

By selecting Commercial Solar Panels with tighter power tolerance specifications, businesses can minimize uncertainty and optimize the reliability of their solar systems, ensuring consistent energy generation and maximizing return on investment. 

Ready to Start Investing in Commercial Solar?

Optimal DC to AC Conversion

Commercial Solar Inverters are the critical central components in solar photovoltaic systems, they are responsible for converting the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity suitable for use by commercial facilities. The inverter ensures the efficient and safe distribution of solar energy, optimizing the system’s performance for business operations. 

Commercial Solar Inverters

String Inverter or Micro-Inverters?

You do have a Choice!

The majority of solar quotations offered in Australia comprise of standard solar modules coupled to standard string inverters. It is assumed that the quote needs to be cost-competitive in order to win the Tender, and if there are no shade issues at the proposed site then a lowest-cost solution is good enough, but how does this impact the cost of Commercial Solar Systems?

Nothing wrong with selecting a String Inverter, provided it is a quality unit. 

However there are a range of other benefits available to you should you select micro-inverters or solar panel-optimisers, including long-term additional solar electricity yield and valuable performance & fault-diagnosis insights as well as safety features which all impact the true cost of Business Solar Systems.


Mismatch Losses & ‘Missed-Potential’ Solar Yield

Can you get more than your money’s worth?

With regard to the Power Tolerance of solar modules as I’ve mentioned, there is significant variation in performance between solar panels – even if they were produced within the same manufacturing run, due to variations in the manufacturing process.

As mentioned, if you have selected a string-type solar inverter, then you will likely have strings of 20 or more Commercial Solar Panels running in series. Since each panel will produce power at different current levels, this incurs significant system losses known as ‘mismatch’ and this also accelerates solar panel cell degradation, much to the detriment of your true cost of your Business Solar System.

If your Commercial Solar Panels are all performing differently, and each string is only as good as it’s worst-performing solar panel, why would you not want to capitalize on these potential additional solar electricity yields, and by doing so, improving the total Cost to benefit ratio?

By selecting an inverter solution which mitigates these losses and promises a range of additional benefits we can capture these extra gains while at the same time providing further value added features which standard inverter systems fail to offer.

Increased Solar Electricity Yield

Optimize to Maximize your Investment Return

If you want to maximize your Solar electricity yield, then you do have the option of selecting Micro-Inverters. However, Micro-Inverters can be cost-prohibitive when we are talking about installing an inverter under every panel on a Solar Installation, which may include anywhere from 200 to 4,000 solar panels or more?

Enter the SolarEdge Inverter System with Solar Panel Optimizers to achieve the best of both worlds, with some additional features and benefits. The SolarEdge Optimized Solar Panel System is able to extract and capture the maximum yield from each individual panel by virtually eliminating mismatch losses with the aid of Module-Level Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). 

SolarEdge Synergy Inverter

The SolarEdge system comes complete with a Desktop & Mobile App which allows you to view your Commercial Solar Systems Performance, down to the Module-level including voltage, current and power data. This kind of setup can drastically improve your Cost to benefit ratio compared to traditional string designed systems.


Fault Diagnosis & Visibility

Can you see for Yourself?

Another disadvantage of String Inverter Systems is the inability to know or see if your system is under-performing. Should only 1 panel on any given string fail, not only would you not know about it, but every panel on that string would suffer the same fate as they are all dragged down by that one panel.

SolarEdge Optimized Inverter Systems allow you to easily monitor system performance down to the solar panel-level, including individual solar panel power, voltage and current. If a panel or an entire string is down, or under-performing, you will know about it.

Rapid Shut-Down Safety Feature

What is that you say?

Each SolarEdge Panel Optimizer is equipped with industry-leading safety features designed to reduce modules high DC voltage to a safe level whenever the inverter or grid power is shut down.

SolarEdge Monitoring
SolarEdge Monitoring

Ready to Start Investing in Commercial Solar Systems?

Commercial Solar Design & Engineering Expertise

Can’t we just throw some panels up on the roof & wire it up?

There is much more to designing Commercial Solar Systems for your business requirements than simply reviewing your electricity bill.

Often clients will let the sales rep advise on system size based on either an estimation or simply because they have other quotes for that one hundred kilowatt and that’s what they’ve asked for.

The upfront Australian Federal Incentive Schemes promise lower cost Business Solar Systems, but what is often neglected is the high cost of remaining grid electricity consumption due to an undersized system. 

To properly ascertain final system design, we must assess a number of variables which can often limit what you can achieve in terms of solar capacity at your site. 

To ensure the compliant and safe installation of final Commercial Solar Systems Design, it is imperative that significant electrical and structural engineering work be undertaken.

Lumenaus takes great pride in precision according to our structural & electrical designs.

Commercial Solar Design of DC String Configuration

Optimal solar panel layout design and string configuration are of utmost importance in Commercial Solar Design, maximizing the efficiency and performance in terms of;

1. Maximizing Solar Energy Production:

The Commercial Solar Design and string configuration determine how sunlight is captured and converted into electricity. By positioning Commercial Solar Panels to minimize shading and optimize sun exposure, energy production can be maximized. 

Efficient layout design ensures that each panel operates at its peak capacity, resulting in higher overall system efficiency and increased energy generation, a key step to ensure optimal Commercial Solar Design.

Commercial Solar Design
Commercial Solar Design - DC String Configuration

2. Minimizing Power Losses:

Shading, soiling, and other factors can lead to power losses in all Commercial Solar Design. 

Optimal layout design and string configuration minimise the impact of shading by arranging panels in a way that minimises shadowing between them. 

This helps to reduce power losses caused by partial shading and ensures consistent output across the entire solar panel array.

3. Enhancing System Reliability:

Quality Commercial Solar Design of panel layout and string configuration contribute to the long-term reliability of the system. 

Properly arranged solar panels reduce the risk of hotspots, where uneven shading or improper stringing can lead to localised overheating and potential damage. 

By ensuring uniform distribution of current flow, the layout design helps maintain balanced system performance and prevents premature solar panel degradation.

Commercial Solar Design - Panel Layout
Commercial Solar Design - Panel Layout

4. Simplifying System Maintenance:

An optimised solar panel layout design and string configuration make maintenance and troubleshooting more efficient and convenient.

Clear organisation and easy access to solar panels enable faster identification and resolution of issues. This is a key issue for Lumenaus, sadly the majority of providers do not plan ahead, much to the frustration of the installers carrying out maintenance on large solar panel arrays. 

Additionally, well-arranged strings simplify monitoring and data collection, aiding in identifying underperforming panels and optimising Commercial Solar Design performance.

5. Compliance with Electrical Codes and Safety Standards:

Proper string configuration ensures compliance with electrical codes and safety standards. The design accounts for appropriate voltage and current levels within Commercial Solar Design, minimising electrical hazards and fire risks. Adhering to these standards ensures the safety of personnel working on the system and the building’s occupants.

In summary, the optimal solar panel layout design and string configuration play a critical role in maximising energy production, minimising power losses, enhancing system reliability, simplifying maintenance, and ensuring compliance with electrical and safety standards. By investing in careful planning and design, system owners can optimise the performance, longevity, and return on investment of their Commercial Solar Systems. 

Commercial Solar Installations

Don’t all CEC Accredited Installers have to work to the same standards?

Yes they do, and we wish this was the case, but unfortunately a lot of solar installers sent to Commercial Solar Project sites are simply not experienced in Commercial Solar Installations (or properly managed) to ensure a high-level of standard in workmanship.

Poor workmanship is a contributing factor to the real cost of Commercial Solar Systems, particularly when rectification works are required.

Lumenaus is often contacted by clients who have had poorly designed and sub-standard Commercial Solar Installations carried out by another retailer, now seeking a high-quality expanded system which can fulfill their needs where others have fallen short. 

We pride ourselves in exacting standards in workmanship, project delivery and customer satisfaction.


Your Trusted Authority in Quality Commercial Solar Installations

As the world shifts towards sustainable energy solutions, the demand for reliable and efficient Commercial Solar Installations has never been higher. 

As your trusted partner who can deliver exceptional results, Lumenaus is a leading authority in the field, renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality workmanship and adherence to strict standards.

With a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, Lumenaus takes a comprehensive approach to every project, ensuring that each installation is tailored to meet the unique energy requirements of their clients.

With an unwavering dedication to quality, Lumenaus understands that Commercial Solar Installations are a long-term investment, and its performance and durability are crucial for maximizing returns. 

From the initial consultation to the final commissioning, Lumenaus works diligently to maintain the highest standards of workmanship, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices.

Commercial Solar Installation
Commercial Solar Installations

Commercial Solar Project Delivery & Workmanship

You wouldn’t believe the difference!

Commercial Solar Project Delivery
Commercial Solar Project Delivery

You’re happy with the quote, the price is low and you wouldn’t have a clue which solar module will be included (or why?). The company is well known and the sales rep seemed to know their stuff, you think the system size is right for your requirements so a great project delivery result is assured… or is it?

Lumenaus is often the second solar company coming in after the client has been sold an undersized System, and in most cases low-grade solar panels coupled to poor workmanship has resulted in much client disappointment unfortunately. 

What’s worse is that lower cost Commercial Solar Installations fail to be just that, and instead prove to yield great additional expense.

By working with Lumenaus, you can rest assured that your project will be handled with meticulous attention to detail and a steadfast commitment to quality. In the rapidly evolving landscape of renewable energy, Lumenaus shines as an authority on Commercial Solar Installations & Project Delivery. 

With our focus on quality workmanship, adherence to strict standards, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Lumenaus is the partner you can trust to deliver exceptional results for your organization’s energy needs.

Commercial Solar Installations
Commercial Solar Installations

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