Sunlock Solar
Mounting System

Made in Australia | 25 Year Manufacturer Product Warranty

Sunlock Solar Mounting System

Designed, Engineered and manufactured in Australia, SunLock® racking is the leading commercial solar mounting system on the Australian market.

SunLock was designed by a group of commercial solar installers who were frustrated with the complexity of solar racking on the market and decided to create a mounting system of their own. SunLock has been around for over 10 years and is now an established brand in the commercial solar market. SunLock products are optimised for speed of installation and longevity.

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The SunLock Commercial Range product is packed with features and benefits which help save installers between 15-20% in installation time.

SunLock now offers a 25 Year Warranty and this is now in line with panel warranties – SunLock knows they have the best commercial mounting systems and now they back them.

Designed by installers in Australia – the functionality of their products is customised based on installer feedback.

SunLock tilt frames are the result of innovation and years of solar installation experience. SunLock has now also made further improvements to the system by integrating spring loading and built-in earthing into their clamps.

Sunlock C - Channel Rail

SunLock unique C-Channel rail is the strongest commercial solar racking system on the market.

Allows for longer rail spans on commercial solar installations.

Built in cable management – Add the SunLock channel lid to protect your cables from the elements.

Can also be used as cable tray on commercial solar installations and works out to be cheaper than using cable tray.

Sunlock Integrated Earthing Solution

Built in earthing on all our SunLock panel clamps.

Spring loaded mechanisms on our tilt systems.

No more placing, lifting and fidgeting to install earth plates under panels, just position the panel and tighten.

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SunLock now offer 25 year warranty on all of their products

All SunLock products are fast to install, compliant with relevant Australian standards (including AS/NZS1170.2.2011) and highly durable.

Sunlock Design

Designed and Engineered in Australia by installers who understand the requirements of Commercial Solar in Australia – Designed to save you time.

Sunlock Durability

SunLock’s significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio allows for more efficient use of our product to achieve greater purlin spans.

Sunlock Expandability

SunLock’s modular design allows for trouble free installation and expandability to suit any type of commercial installation.