300kW Solar System

300kW Solar System:

This case study explores the successful installation of a cutting-edge 300kW solar system at Daabon Organic Australia, a prominent large-scale industrial facility. The primary objective of this project was to curtail energy costs, minimize carbon emissions, and yield a remarkable return on investment (ROI) for the company.


Daabon Organic Australia, a manufacturing plant with substantial electricity demands, was keen to address the escalating energy expenses while embracing sustainable practices. 

The company had already invested in a 100kW Solar System with another provider, however this was undersized for the needs of the business so Lumenaus Solar was engaged to provide a 300kW Solar System upgrade.

A comprehensive analysis was conducted to assess the solar potential, energy consumption patterns, and financial feasibility. Subsequently, a decision was made to invest in a meticulously customized large scale 300kW solar system.

System Design and Commercial Solar Installation:

Drawing on the analysis, a highly tailored 300kW solar system was expertly designed and meticulously installed on the facility’s expansive rooftop. This state-of-the-art system incorporated high-efficiency LG solar panels, top-of-the-line SolarEdge Commercial inverters, robust Sunlock mounting system, and an advanced monitoring system to precisely track energy production and consumption. The commercial solar installation process involved extensive engineering work to ensure optimal panel placement, seamless wiring, and strict adherence to safety regulations.

Financial Considerations:

The case study delves into the comprehensive financial aspects of the project, encompassing upfront costs, equipment procurement, commercial solar installation expenses, permits, and applicable incentives. In-depth research was conducted to explore government grants, tax credits, and feed-in tariffs to effectively offset the initial investment. By taking into account the system’s energy generation, electricity savings, and potential revenue from surplus energy sold back to the grid, the study calculated the ROI and projected the payback period.

Energy Production and Savings:

Following the seamless commercial solar installation, the advanced 300kW solar system commenced generating an impressive amount of clean, renewable electricity, significantly reducing the facility’s reliance on conventional grid power. The case study meticulously quantified the actual energy saved, including detailed monthly and annual production figures. A comprehensive comparative analysis was conducted between the system’s output and the facility’s historical energy consumption, thereby highlighting the remarkable percentage of energy offset by the solar power generated by the 300kW system. The study conclusively demonstrated that the system generated an average of 360,000 kWh annually, effectively offsetting approximately 50% of the facility’s electricity demand.

Financial Return on Investment:

The case study conducted an exhaustive analysis of the financial performance of the cutting-edge 300kW solar system. By accurately calculating the annual electricity savings resulting from the significantly reduced grid dependence, the study revealed impressive savings amounting to approximately $60,000 per year, leading to a highly desirable payback period of 4.5 years. Furthermore, considering the projected lifespan of the system to be 25 years, the comprehensive analysis estimated a staggering net profit of approximately $1.7 million over its lifetime, thereby yielding an exceptional annual ROI of 18%.

Environmental Impact:

The case study places significant emphasis on the remarkable environmental benefits of embracing the 300kW solar system. By transitioning to clean and renewable energy, Daabon Organic Australia experienced a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, which seamlessly aligned with the company’s overarching sustainability goals. The highly efficient commercial solar system was estimated to reduce carbon emissions by an impressive 180 tons annually, underscoring the profound environmental impact realized through the adoption of a cutting-edge 300kW solar system.


This compelling case study provides an exemplary illustration of the successful commercial solar installation of a cutting-edge 300kW solar system, offering substantial energy savings and an unparalleled positive financial return on investment for Daabon Organic Australia, a distinguished large-scale industrial facility. By effectively harnessing the immense potential of renewable energy, the company successfully reduced its reliance on traditional power sources, achieved remarkable reductions in electricity costs, and made substantial strides towards significantly curbing carbon emissions. The findings of this comprehensive case study serve as a testament to the substantial long-term financial benefits, remarkable environmental impact, and sustainable energy solutions offered by state-of-the-art commercial solar systems.

With its advanced large-scale solar capabilities, high-performance commercial solar panels, and reliable commercial solar inverters, the 300kW solar system installed at Daabon Organic Australia stands as a benchmark for other large scale solar commercial enterprises contemplating the adoption of solar energy. The case study showcases the system’s ability to deliver exceptional energy efficiency, significant cost savings, and unparalleled environmental sustainability. The seamless integration of a cutting-edge 300kW solar system proves that large-scale industrial facilities can achieve remarkable financial gains, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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