100kW Solar System

100kW Solar System:

This case study presents the successful commercial solar installation of a 100kW solar system for Robert Menzies College in Sydney NSW. The project aimed to reduce energy costs, minimize carbon emissions, and achieve a favourable return on investment (ROI) for the College.

Background & Outcome:

Robert Menzies College, with its high electricity demands, recognized the need to address increasing energy expenses while embracing sustainability. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of solar potential, energy consumption patterns, and financial viability, the decision was made to invest in a customized quality 100kW solar system. 

Following the commercial solar installation of the 100kW solar system, Robert Menzies College witnessed a significant increase in clean, renewable electricity generation. The system produced an average of 130,000 kWh annually, providing a substantial portion of the College’s electricity demand. 

This translated to approximately 40% of the facility’s energy needs being offset by the solar power generated by the 100kW solar system. The reliable performance of the system resulted in reduced dependence on the grid and a noticeable decrease in electricity expenses.

100kW Solar System

System Design and Commercial Solar Installation:

Based on the analysis, a tailored 100kW solar system was designed and installed on the available rooftop space of Robert Menzies College. The system included high-efficiency LG NeON2 solar panels, SolarEdge commercial inverters & optimizers, Clenergy mounting structures, and a monitoring system to track energy production and consumption. Careful consideration was given to panel placement, wiring, and compliance with safety regulations. The commercial solar installation team ensured the seamless integration of the 100kW solar system into the College’s infrastructure.

Commercial Solar Panels & Inverters:

The heart of the 100kW solar system are the commercial solar panels. The high-efficiency LG NeON2 solar panels were carefully selected to maximize electricity generation and harness the available sunlight. These commercial solar panels are known for their durability, reliability, and exceptional performance, making them an ideal choice for large-scale installations like the one at Robert Menzies College

Additionally, the system utilized SolarEdge commercial inverters and optimizers, which play a crucial role in converting the generated DC electricity into usable AC electricity. These advanced commercial solar inverters ensure optimal energy conversion and enhance the overall efficiency of the system.

Financial Considerations:

The case study extensively examined the financial aspects of the project, covering upfront costs, equipment procurement, commercial solar installation expenses, permits, and applicable incentives. By investing in a 100kW solar system, Robert Menzies College unlocked various financial benefits. The upfront costs were mitigated through government grants and tax credits, while the system’s energy production allowed for substantial electricity savings. 

The excess energy generated by the system and sold back to the grid further contributed to the financial returns. The detailed financial analysis demonstrated the feasibility of this Lumenaus Project, showcasing the potential return on investment that can be achieved through the implementation of a 100kW solar system.

Financial Return on Investment:

The case study conducted a thorough analysis of the financial performance of the 100kW solar system. The annual electricity savings resulting from the reduced grid dependence amounted to $34,000 per year. With this significant reduction in operational expenses, the payback period for the initial investment was calculated to be 4.5 years. Considering the projected lifespan of 30+ years for the system, the study estimated a total electricity saving of approximately $1,400,000 over its lifetime. This demonstrates the compelling financial benefits associated with investing in a 100kW solar system, leading to an annual ROI of 10%.

Environmental Impact:

The case study emphasized the environmental benefits of the 100kW solar system. By switching to renewable energy, Robert Menzies College made a substantial contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The Commercial Solar System was estimated to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 60 tons annually, aligning with the College’s sustainability goals. This significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions showcases the positive environmental impact of adopting a 100kW solar system.


This case study illustrates the successful commercial solar installation of a 100kW solar system, delivering energy savings and a positive financial return on investment for Robert Menzies College. By harnessing the power of a 100kW solar system, the College reduced its reliance on traditional power sources, achieved electricity cost reductions, and made strides towards reducing carbon emissions. The findings of this case study highlight the potential financial benefits, environmental impact, and sustainable energy solutions offered by commercial solar systems. 

The successful implementation of a 100kW solar system serves as a reference for other commercial enterprises, demonstrating the feasibility of adopting solar energy to achieve energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. With its high-performance commercial solar panels, efficient commercial solar inverters, and robust system design, the 100kW solar system at Robert Menzies College stands as a testament to the benefits of embracing renewable energy on a commercial scale.

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